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My voice for your industry conference

As an experienced consultant and department head, I specialise in lean management, organisational development and more. I combine in-depth expertise with dynamic facilitation to make your event unforgettable.



Let us turn your event into an interactive experience

Each event comes to life by engaging the audience and creating an atmosphere where everyone feels involved and inspired. I use tools such as live polls, Q&A sessions and interactive discussions to encourage active participation.

I not only bring expertise and facilitation experience, but also a real passion for shaping events. My goal is to make events an enriching experience for every participant. With my humorous, benevolent and varied moderation style, your guests will remember the event fondly for a long time to come.


Insights and professionalism on stage

By specialising in Kaizen and process optimisation as well as my eight years of experience in the logistics sector of the German Armed Forces, I bring a unique perspective to the moderation of events. I understand the importance of efficient processes and clear structures for the success of teams and organisations.

With my in-depth knowledge from over 15 industries, I lead discussions in a targeted manner and ask critical, relevant questions that go beyond the superficial. As an industry insider, I am able to gather and implement valuable feedback, making me an essential mediator between the experts and participants. My focus on time management and fine-tuning event details guarantees a smooth process.


Suitable events and topics

A wide range of events

My moderation brings added value to a wide range of events. Whether it’s industry exhibitions, sector-specific conferences, interactive workshops, company seminars or panel discussions: I provide the right atmosphere and the necessary depth.

Industry Exhibitions

Ideal for presenting the latest trends and products in the areas of lean management and process optimisation.

Conferences & Panel Discussions

I am an ideal moderator for controversial and specialised discussions, especially in specialist areas such as business administration, agile methods and lean in the healthcare and manufacturing industries.

Corporate events

My professional expertise and moderation experience support internal development and team building.

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Making your event one to remember

Interested in a moderation by me for your next event? Simply contact me via email or fill out the inquiry form.

Please let me know the details of your event, such as topic, date / time and special requirements, so that I can provide you with a customised quote.

Questions? I have the answers.

I facilitate a variety of events, including but not limited to industry exhibitions, industry-specific conferences, interactive workshops and corporate seminars. I am particularly experienced in topics such as lean management, process optimisation, business management, agile methods and organisational development. My approach is to enrich each event individually by combining expertise with interactivity and engagement.
Preparation for an event begins with a thorough understanding of the event’s objectives and theme. I work closely with the organisers to understand the content and process and prepare to ask relevant questions and lead effective discussions. I also take into account feedback and requirements from participants to customise the facilitation.
My unique combination of expertise in Kaizen and process optimisation, eight years of experience in the logistics sector of the German Armed Forces and in-depth knowledge from over 15 industries enables me to provide in-depth insights and conduct the moderation at a high level. I also use interactive elements to create a lively and engaging atmosphere.
Thanks to my experience, I can react flexibly to unexpected situations. I remain calm, keep an overview and quickly find solutions to keep the event running smoothly. My aim is always to ensure that everything runs smoothly and smoothly for everyone involved.
Absolutely! I like to work closely with event organisers to tailor the content and style of the facilitation to the needs and objectives of the event. Collaborative planning is crucial to ensure that the moderation fulfils expectations and the event is a success.