Organisational DEVELOPMENT & PROCESS Optimisation

Process optimisation starts at the executive level

The power for real transformation lies in the hands of the decision-makers. I offer your organisation the tools and know-how to master processes yourself in the long term.



Busy work, few resources? These are symptoms, not the problem!

When a company grows, its processes do too — it’s only natural. Suddenly, we are no longer talking about a few processes, but hundreds! And therein lies the problem: many companies are not prepared to manage these processes — let alone recognise which processes are only slowing down the organisation. The result? The processes no longer work hand in hand, work piles up, profitability and efficiency suffer and, quite honestly, team morale also drops.


The reality in many organisations

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    Your company has so much work, but too few hands. You need to hire staff. But finding suitable skilled workers? Not an easy task!
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    The phone is always ringing, interrupting employees in their daily work. Basic standards need to be clarified again: Where is the last delivery? Where are the documents for process X? What is the status of project Y?
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    Interruptions in simple processes because machines break down, materials are out of stock or there are delivery shortages.
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    Migration to efficient digital systems? It's wishful thinking! Departments are not synchronised yet. Training your staff? Who has time for that?
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    Staff submitting valuable solutions is often stalled by hierarchy and committees without any real opportunity for dialogue. The result is increasing frustration and rigid frontlines.
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    You and your team are always working up against the limit. If one colleague calls in sick, everything is at risk of collapsing. The vicious circle of symptoms goes round and round.


The root cause lies in the processes

No doubt you have already tried to initiate improvements in your company. In most cases, however, only acute fires are extinguished instead of eliminating the real causes.

Imagine a clockwork that is running poorly. One gearwheel alone cannot recognise where it is stuck. It takes a clear overview, the right tools, the co-operation of all the gearwheels and the professionals in the processes to get the clockwork running smoothly again. In the midst of day-to-day business, this is a mammoth task.




of every organisation

Without a clear plan and specialised tools, any change is just a drop in the ocean. I will equip you with the plan and the tools to get your clockwork back to peak performance.


From the German armed forces to being a company profiler

Time and again, I see consultants who reel off their programmes, briefly shine and then abandon companies in the implementation phase. Not with me. My goal is for your company, your team, to be able to help itself.

Part of my career included 8 years with the German Armed Forces. There, especially in the field of logistics, I learnt that clear standards and rules are the be-all and end-all for outstanding teams.

You might be thinking: “Isn’t that too strict for civilian organisations?” No, the exact opposite is the case. What some people misinterpret as coldness is based on the Armed Forces’ overriding premise: Protecting human life and fulfilling a mission. This is exactly where my strength lies. I bring clear structures and standards to your organisation, always with a focus on people and sustainable profitability. My methods are well-founded and tested in over 15 industries.


The podcast for holistic organisational development

Alisa, Maria and Nadja invite you to a change of perspective — three experts in Scrum, Lean and systemic organisational development.

We face the challenges of the transformation jungle and offer perspectives and ideas for specific practical challenges. In each episode, we share experiences, provide food for thought and thus expand the solution space.

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„Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme. Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme. Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme. Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme. Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme. Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme. Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme. Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme. Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme. Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme.“

Kriemhild Muster-Etienne


Highlight-Statement der Kundenstimme

„Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme. Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme. Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme. Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme. Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme. Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme. Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme. Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme. Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme. Hier steht eine wertvolle Kundenstimme.“

Kriemhild Muster-Etienne



What success story do you want your company to write?

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    Your company works cost-efficiently and profitably.
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    A modern working environment sets your company apart from the competition, makes it attractive to new employees, and encourages loyalty through crisis-proof jobs.
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    A management team that has all the important figures at its fingertips in digital form and can focus on the company's strategic direction instead of micromanaging.
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    Staff who enjoy coming to work as tasks and processes run smoothly because issues are addressed, and they are heard.
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    It is not just about having smooth processes, but also knowing how to react strategically to new challenges at any time in the future.
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    Look back at the end of the day with clarity and satisfaction. Knowing that every step brings the company closer to its goals instead of putting out fires in day-to-day business.


Strategy development & transformation guidance

My job is to make your job easier. There is no need to use expensive boutique consulting services that sell your company prefabricated packages and tie you in for an excessively long time. After a detailed initial consultation and an analysis phase, we identify the problem and know exactly how to solve it. This is followed by a precisely customised offer.

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Ascent towards profitable goals

Every company has big goals. It’s not just about single targets, but about the overall vision. Together, we find the right route and ensure that goals and objectives align and do not contradict each other.


With a strong team

We focus on the employees. They know the processes best, recognise disruptions and optimise workflows from the inside out.


Through flowing processes

Processes should flow like waves. The aim is to achieve smooth operation with clear rules, in which everything runs seamlessly and develops organically.


Looking at the big picture

We zoom out to get an overview of the entire organisation. This allows us to recognise the individual challenges and take targeted measures.


Options for working together



One of the key pillars for the sustainable and effective integration of Lean in organisations is the application of methodological expertise. In my various training programmes, I share this knowledge to empower employees from different professional fields. Are you looking for a learning programme to train Lean managers? You’ve come to the right place.



In addition, I support and supervise the future Lean managers directly on site and act as a coach for all management levels in your organisation. We put what we have learnt into practice together in various workshops.



What do you want the Lean mindset in your organisation to look like at some point? I support your team in integrating the newly acquired lean competences into the qualifications and role profiles. We build a comprehensive learning platform in close coordination with HR Development. This is how we promote skills development.



The decision to transform an entire organisation is crucial. I accompany you on the path to a holistic and sustainable organisation through practical and interactive approaches. We establish structures that promote a continuous culture of improvement.

We are the perfect match when ...

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    You want a profitable and predictable company that achieves sustainable success.
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    You are tired of employees internally resigning and only doing their work by the book.
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    Sick days become excessive because your employees are overworked.
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    You are fed up with the fact that at the end of other consultation processes, the only solution always seems to be “sacking people”.
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    You want to get into implementation quickly instead of being tied to over-priced external consultants and having to wait until they are back on-site.
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    You want a strong sense of team spirit in the company because your team feels seen and understood and actively optimises processes and even has fun doing so!


Make your company run like clockwork.

A clockwork that runs even in my absence. If you recognise the causes of your problems, you can develop solutions that really match the company and the people in it. It doesn’t have to be complicated. On the contrary: it can be simple.

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